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In Search of Excellence

Desire is a key to motivational success! To accomplish such a task, you need determination and commitment by all involved (staff buy-in), an unrelenting pursuit of both goals and visions, a drive to achieve excellence, and a willingness to change current paths that will allow you to gain control over yet unknown future demands!

There are only a few successful companies that look for new opportunities by placing others first. Yet others place profitability above client needs, asking "what is in for me" when preparing a design concept. 

Our desire and part of our primary core values reflect the need to serve others. Our success can only be achieved when you have reached your fullest potential; when your vision is transformed fully into reality. We are not just a consulting firm, we are your partner for success!

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable values, competitive design advantage by promoting: innovative and inspirational system designs that are results-oriented, through leveraging modern technologies that offer you the best return on your investment (ROI). 


Our Vision

To assist facilities so they can meet their future demands by envisioning sustainable design criteria in Materials Management, Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management (both horizontally and vertically within their facility) by Offering Tomorrow's Design Technologies Today. Our desire is to enhance both current and future operational parameters to increase not limit your expansion potential.


Who We Are

RemTecH Associates LLC represents a truly state-of-the-art technical management group for designing, executing, and implementing specific tasks that go beyond normal Best Practice Procedures / Lean-Design-Procedures / Carbon-Footprint-Reductions that are so critical for today's modern facility. We want to be your partner to provide a win-win arena.


From our office in East Texas, we serve North America and other countries by partnering with various Architectural Firms, Development Management Groups, and Design-To-Build Construction Firms. We go where the job dictates.

Our Promise to You

We will always seek excellence in every task assigned, acknowledging - perfection can only be achieved through a team effort. We have a willingness to accept any alternative that you deem valid and or feel such conditions will serve to enhance true change, as long as it will achieve your original vision and not place patient care design recommendations in jeopardy once executed. 


We understand there are many variables, both internal and external that serve to control your operational mandates and will adhere to all regulations critical to your facility's protocols, to ensure a favorable outcome within each proposal written. Our only desire is to offer a win-win condition to allow you to serve your staff and patients.

To achieve success it requires a partnership


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