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Free Facility Assessment

To better serve you, RemTecH Associates LLC would like to offer a means for you to assess your current Inventory Management Capabilities. The following information will allow us to suggest some alternatives which will form a foundation to offer you a formal proposal when you are ready to execute corrective tasks. We have allowed space to at the bottom of the page to expand your unique conditions, allowing us to fully understand your needs. When completed, submit this information by simply tapping the send icon. Make sure you offer all your contact information so we can better respond to your needs. This is free gift to you in hopes of developing a partnership as you strive to meet the campus vision. 

1. Does your campus have a Strategic Master Plan and was it designed to meet Future Growth?
2. Do you consider Departmental Functionality and Space Programming critical when designing SKU movements?
3. What is the current bed capacity and what will it refect after your expansion? (offer details below)
4. Are you considering an expansion (offer date and contact information to discuss below)
5. How are you currently controlling your inventory PAR levels?
6. How are you handling Support Services (Linen /Waste/Dock)? Offer details below for each condition!
7. Age of your facility?
8. Do you have automated processes?
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