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Partnering for Tomorrow's Needs

John W. Hensman, Jr.

President / CEO

RemTecH Associates LLC was launched in June of 2013. We bring more than 40 years experience in sales, engineering, and consulting management to the industry. Our primary desire is to develop a partnership that offers unique and individual solutions in the arena of Materials Management, Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management Design-Development. Our knowledge is considered unmatched in today's market, thus setting us apart from other consulting firms who offer similar services. We have the ability to offer unique design myths that will increase your operational efficiency.

From his office in East Texas, he travels wherever project needs arise. His dedication to continually develop his skills, to demonstrate professionalism, and offer the highest level of integrity has allowed him the opportunity to increase the efficiency levels at each location served.

We place the needs of others above our personal desire for success. Our success is only possible after each client has transformed their visions into reality (a win-win condition). Based on his education and practical experience working within profit and non-profit environments, he will meet your needs. He also holds several certifications, which includes Bio-Hazardous Management to assist with many design-development processes in waste management. There is no project too small that will be refused service. 

"The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." (Mark Twain)


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