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It is all about developing a Partnership

Our primary desire is to establish a "long-term-partnership"; one that you feel confident to entrust your future. As your partner, we have a stake in seeing you (the end-user) receive a "win-win-solution" to all your critical needs based on offering strategies that will "support-true-sustainability" for your facility. Allow us to help you serve others!

Full Scope of Services

Planning a facility to have the ability to support and sustain future growth has never been more challenging. Changes in corporate policy and the world economy, along with a highly competitive market arenas require a careful re-assessment of design-development policies and procedures before deploying any conceptual goals. What may sustain today's needs may not be enough to meet tomorrow's demands. 

Of the many hidden challenges, a new approach in design-development is needed when discussing Materials Management, Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management as to future cost savings. Unfortunately, such concepts are not typically explored during design phasing. Inventory Management is normally considered an after-thought when it comes to departmental and functional designs. The importance of resolving blind-spots early in project phasing can make the difference in success. 

We are a supplier of knowledge. Our efforts extend beyond the norm outlined in most RFP  / RFQ, ensuring any executable task reflects the highest level in value-engineering. Every project is unique; therefore, we address your uniqueness, by suggesting a number of alternatives that will support true sustainability. Our Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis exceeds that of other consulting firms, allowing you to turn your vision into reality. 

The following represents our areas of service (additional areas upon discussion). The key to sustainable operational excellence must reflect measurable and verifiable strategies. These should include an in-depth study to develop a benchmark for performance capabilities of products, concepts, and functions for a workable baseline. As your partner we can assist you to achieve success in reducing your annual costs. 


NoteVeteran Administration policy change as associated with the use of consultants.
Design-Development Services[3]

  • Master Planning - to ensure "design meets functional requirement demands" that will decrease annual costs

    1. Tactical / Contingent / Strategic Planning reflecting Inventory needs as an asset, not a liability 

    2. Best Practice Assessment Review - determine best future growth capability

    3. Functional Bid Specifications / Bid Development / Bid Review Cost Justifications for Equipment and Software

    4. All Design Phasing - Pre-Schematic through Contract Administration (Go-Live)

    5. Functional and Space Programming per department for Developing Facility Cohesion

    6. Storage and Distribution Design (Warehousing) - Receiving / Storage / Distribution of Inventory

    7. Inventory Control Management (WMS) / RFID / Bar Code Configuration (review / recommendations) [1]

  • Facility Evaluation / Efficiency Analysis

    1. Merger and Accusation Procedural Assistance for Inventory Management Control and Procurement Policies

    2. Performance Reporting on Existing Operational Functions

    3. Process Improvement Recommendations / ROI Analysis

    4. Operational Analysis Review to increase efficiencies

    5. Labor / Manpower Analysis (FTEs Justifications) against Automation Material Handling Concepts

    6. Acquisition Assistance Review for Capital Equipment / Equipment Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Equipment Design Planning / Installation Monitoring

  1. Vertical / Horizontal Transportation Studies - based on Inventory Turns / Capacities / Equipment

  2. Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS) (Conventional and Fully Automated); evaluation of vendor capabilities 

  3. Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) 

  4. Electric Tracked Vehicle Systems (ETVS)

  5. Selective Vertical Conveyors Systems (SVCS)

  6. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

  7. Assorted Trucks (Riders / Order Pickers / Reach / etc.)  / Tugs Vehicles / Carts

  8. Rack / Storage Design Configuration (i.e. Pushback / Pallet Rack / Cantilever / Double Deep / Vertical and Horizontal Carousel / Storage Bin / Storage Cabinet (Explosive and non-Explosive) / Modular Storage Rack / etc.)

  9. Conveyor System Configurations (Power / Gravity / Sortation Systems)

  10. Gravity and Pneumatic Chute Configurations

  • Loading Dock / Yard / Traffic Management Studies

  1. All dock services - inbound and outbound shipment support configuration design

  2. Parking and Operational Movement of Vehicle Modeling (non-simulation)

  3. Traffic Management to achieve EDI Scheduling

  4. Logistical Procedure Assistance Management

  • Dock services to support inbound and outbound shipments

  1. Procurement Review - JIT / FIFO / LIFO

  2. Inventory Tracking Procedures / ABC Analysis (PARETO) / Risk Management for SCM

  3. National and International Shipping Review / Shipping Policies and Procedures

  • Waste Management Analysis / Bio-Hazardous Management  / Equipment Design-Development [2]

  • Clean and Soiled Linen Management (charts / chutes / automatic and non-automatic)

  • ​Sterile Processing Assessment (SPD / CSSD) - including space programming / equipment / staffing

  • Pharmacy and Laboratory Design Recommendations / non-automated and automated

[1] Member of RFID in Healthcare Consortium "Advocating Patient Safety, Real Time Visibility, and Operational Efficiencies"
[2] RemTecH Associates LLC maintains a Certificate of Training in CRF 49 - ICAO (IATA) - IMO, which qualifies them to manage and recommend design-development in Waste and Bio-Hazardous Managements (Certification Dated: 23-Aug-2013)
[3] Memeber of CMBL (Centralized Master Bidders List) for the State of Texas to better serve you

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