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Business Innovation through Management Strategies:

Market technologies change at the speed of light, which means old-fashion strategies do not deliver the necessary insights that today's markets demand. The recommended system designs and currently trends offered through specific practices are not enough to meet or exceed future growth requirements. We, as a consulting firm, recommend the latest techniques, but remain neutral as to equipment providers through the by development of "functional-bid-specifications," thus allowing several manufacturers to bid on your project only after they have been fully vetted (bidders short-list).


Stategic Readiness Assessments:

In recent studies, as much as 75% of all CEO's believe their business strategies can not fully be implemented due to limited staff buy-in. Part of our assessment is to provide unique and highly effective recommendations as to effectively develop strategies for "team-decision-making." Navigating this fast-paced environment needs someone who has the expertise in healthcare, commercial, and industrial technologies to acquire and suggest the best solutions that will be agreeable to all parties.

Strategic Road-Mapping:

Change is expensive, especially after your facility is up and operational. Our Strategic Mapping Process (SMP) begins during Pre-schematic Design Phasing. Any conditions or items that will not offer enough Return-On-Investment (ROI) will not be considered. True sustainability requires a Campus Level Review, which will ensure that future demands are met.

Controlling Risks:

Certainly most consulting firms today have similar services, but they cannot guarantee their effectiveness to solve your unique conditions simply because -- most use predetermined solutions based on their past client interventions. Each facility is uniquely different; therefore, each situation must be approached based on your specific situation. At the onset of each project we clearly outline and define your uniqueness to esnure our approach meets your vision and goals. Risk, therefore to you is minimized, based on project directional clarity (PDC).

Highest Level of Expertise:

RemTecH Associates LLC brings the highest level of expertise to you. We research and offer numerous alternatives by looking at - space availability, functionality, budget limitations, and growth potential. With more than 45-years experience in more than 750+ facilities (healthcare, warehousing, and government locations) we bring the best-of-the-best to you; offering truly state-of-the-art-design-solutions that work.

Make no mistake, organizational transformation is not easy. Some hard questions must be asked.

We ask the right questions and offer the right solutions.

Allow us to transform your way of thinking!

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