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Strategies vs. Best Practices

Any great business leader chooses their words cautiously. They don't call tactics strategies and they certainly don't call Strategies - Best Practices. Words are essential to strategic thought and if your words are too fuzzy, directions offered to staff may miss the mark. It is time to CHANGE your way of thinking!

  • Strategies are Actions - Best Practices are Methods:

A strategy is an action plan taken to expand a goal or vision, thus transforming it into reality. Best Practices​ reflect guidelines to follow to ensure compliance development based on past decisions.

  • Strategies are Unique - Best Practices are Standards:

Businesses copy each other's strategies that seem logical. Logic, however tend to be acceptable only to the beholder. Standards typically are set by those who talk the loudest or have the largest title behind their name. Since each facility is unique, it is reasonable to approach necessary tasks uniquely to solve problems.

  • Strategies Answer Why - Best Practices Answer How:

Strategies focus on essential questions such as why, what, and when. Best Practices focus on questions associated with implementation as how.

  • Best Practices are inconsistent with Strategic Methodologies:

Many organizations set Best Practices at the top. Practices set below functional need levels are expected to align to organizational strategies.​ Best Practices typically originate outside the organization and can be highly rigid. In a real world situations, Best Practices are often not aligned with strategy. It's a common mistake to adopt Best Practices with their inflexible approach, thus not allowing the possibilities required to truly achieve sustainability.

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