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Healthcare Design Development

It is no secret, today's Healthcare Design-Development represents a unique challenge to most design groups due to its complexity in specialized materials and technologies. Although there has been some progress in the design approach (Best Practices, Lean Design Guidelines, and the Reduction of Carbon Footprints), there are concepts that continue to be overlooked, particularly in Asset Management Design-Development. If overlooked during project phasing, it will cost a facility annual revenue loss in the range of 30-40% once they go operational (go-live). This inherent condition restricts long-term sustainability, requiring additional modifications to correct, jeopardizes patient care, contributes to higher daily operational costs, decreases efficiency of services, and places undue stress on departmental staffing in manpower allocations to keep up with the needs of the patient. Asset Management is viewed as an "operational overhead", a relegated function farmed out to management groups (GPOs); therefore, it is not considered and discussed despite impact to net profits (out-of-sight-out-of-mind). As costs rise, only then do policies and procedures change, by then it is critical.


Typically known as "Back-of-House-Operations" within most facilities, if not considered during pre-design may limit your the ability to predetermine, justify, and project timely tasks that will save money. The way you approach business design needs to change, to allow you to look beyond today's needs to tomorrow's demands. Current design concepts and acceptable practices based on limited budgets will not sustain future your growth; we will place you on the right path!

Strategic Master Planning, at a campus level, must include Asset Management design to make a difference within your overall operational efficiency; looking at departmental functions as one unit verses individually tasks. And that is what we do! We establish unique partnerships (architects, management groups, and other healthcare ownership consortium) to address all your critical needs through an expanded approach; one that will meet operational planning for today and tomorrow (our promise).  

To retrieve additional information on our capabilities in Healthcare Design-Development, please open and review our Scope of Services tab above. We are here to serve you!


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