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Warehousing In Healthcare

Let's Change It Together!

In today's ever shifting landscape limited thought in design-development can produce blind spots in the Supply Chain process that can be unacceptable over time. To eliminate these contributing landmines is our job, by offering you pathway alternatives within facility configurations.

As a professional logistical expertise, we walk you through critical features in Warehouse-Design-Development that typically go unattended, offering both conventional and highly automated design practices. Using unique engineering operational and systems functionality concepts, we provide state-of-the-art process layouts that will match to your needs, giving you potentially unlimited future growth. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to: Functional Bid Specification, Equipment designs that support operational goals, choice selections in Supply Chain Software that have been fully vetted to ensure successful installation (Warehouse Management System, Transportation Management, and Yard Management). We also offer staff utilization studies to reduce labor costs (FTEs) based on operational inventory movements.  


  1. Logistical Strategy Development: traffic management, dock-door services, Just-in-Time (JIT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and other related tasks for overall operations

  2. Hazardous Management Development for general and bio-hazardous waste

  3. Recycle Impact studies

  4. Warehouse Distribution Layout and Plant Flow Implementations for green-sites or renovated facilities

  5. Industrial Material Handling Design Solutions offering functional bid specifications, equipment selection, and cost justifications

  6. Design Operational Assessment (Benchmark) to justify modifications so as to develop and justify annual cost savings 

Scope of Services - Warehouse Development Consulting:

  1. New and Existing Facility Planning / Warehouse Design Development Layout

  2. Distribution System Planning

  3. Data Support System Specifications 

  4. Functional Bid Specifications - Warehouse Management System Software (WMS) and Equipment

  5. Operations Improvement Programs

  6. Feasibility Studies to justify FTEs, Equipment, and ROI

  7. Equipment Design-Development Management, i.e. AS/RS, AGVS, Conveyor Systems, Carousel Systems, Industrial Vehicles, Rack Storage Concepts, High Rise Storage, and Inventory Slotting / Inventory Profiling to justify traffic movement

  8. Yard Management / Loading Dock Design Justifications 


To retrieve additional information on our capabilities in Warehousing, feel free to open the following link for more information:



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